Behind the Scenes: Elevating Chino Moro’s Space Photography through Augmented Reality

Greetings, I’m Juan Manuel Cafferata, and today I invite you to join me on a technical journey as we elevate Chino Moro’s celestial photography to a new dimension with augmented reality (AR), showcased from Tulum, Mexico.

The day begins with inspiration drawn from the virtual lands of Hyrule in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D on the Meta Quest 2, reminding me of the power of immersive experiences. Harnessing that same energy, I transition to our current endeavor—transforming Chino Moro’s space photographs into augmented realities for global art exhibitions.

Meanwhile, my colleagues Franco, Fabri, and Sofi focus on crafting compelling presentation decks and developing eye-catching landing pages. Their extraordinary work is crucial, showcasing our capabilities to potential clients, providing the funding stream for our innovative forays — from the mind-bending ‘The Shapes of the Labyrinth‘ directed by our own art virtuoso, Dolores Casares, to our thrilling in-development Multiplayer Drone racing simulation game.

Our process in rendering Chino Moro’s art into AR is meticulous, merging creativity with precision:

Step 1: Photoshop Layering
I carefully segment Chino Moro’s nebula images into layers in Adobe Photoshop, ensuring seamless transitions and immersive depth by adding extra visual data.

Step 2: Crafting the 3D Model in Blender
We import the layered nebula images into Blender, adding the third dimension necessary for the AR experience, focusing on an authentic representation of these cosmic entities.

Step 3: Bringing AR to Life with Spark AR Studio
The layered images from Blender take life in Spark AR Studio, enabling us to craft an interactive AR environment for visitors to explore and interact with at exhibitions.

Step 4: Sharing Our Process
By documenting the workflow with OBS Studio, we’re creating a knowledge base for the community and streamlining the delegation of tasks to the amazing individuals eager to collaborate with us.

This intricate blend of artistic and technical skills showcases how TOXI VR pushes the envelope in VR and AR. Preparing for Chino Moro’s exhibitions is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re not only creating art but also paving the way for future technologies to thrive in creative spaces.

Stay tuned for more detailed walkthroughs, and let’s continue transforming vision into visionary realities.