Ideas made visual

I work with a wide array of software and media platforms to solve technical problemas and bring innovative projects to life

Imagine anything

From conceptualization and pencil sketches to animated videos or immersive virtual reality experiences (and more), there’s no limits to what we can do


Got an idea but don’t know what to do with it? Let’s talk and find out.


Know what works and what doesn’t before it’s too late to fix issues. Every step must feel right.


Learn much faster by doing. Hone your digital skills while working on a project you love.


Make sure you’re using the most innovative and cost-effective tools in the world.


Get help at any hour of the day. Send me WhatsApp voice notes or long emails. I’m there.


Try what no one’s tried before. Push technology to its limits to achieve the unthinkable.

A network of collaborators

For everything I do, there’s someone who can do it better. Here they are:

TOXI Media

  • Audiovisual services
  • Social media management
  • Creativity and talent

Xplora Ciencia

  • Science research and writing
  • Educational videos and experiences
  • Social media influence


  • Web design
  • Business process automation
  • Software development

“Juanma empathetically adapted to my demands and needs, always encouraging me to push the work further. I highly recommend him and emphasize his warmth and dedication to the projects he undertakes.”

Dolores Casares

Artist, The Shapes of the Labyrinth

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