I am Juan Manuel Cafferata, a professional specializing in digital arts and technology with a focus on providing specialized services across various digital media platforms. Here’s a detailed look at the services I offer:

3D Animation
Utilizing Blender, I create high-quality 3D layouts, models and animations for various applications, ensuring that every detail from modeling to rendering meets industry standards.

2D Character Animation
With expertise in Toon Boom, I produce engaging 2D character animations, emphasizing fluid motion and expressive storytelling.

Motion Graphics
I craft professional motion graphics using After Effects, delivering content that effectively communicates messages through animated visuals.

Event Videography
I provide detailed event coverage with a focus on capturing key moments with cinematic quality.

Video Editing
I offer video editing services optimized for social media channels, including Reels, YouTube, and TikTok, catering to the dynamics of each platform.

Science Communication
I combine visual artistry with scientific concepts to create informative and accessible science communication materials.

Graphic Design
With a focus on promotional needs, I design flyers, banners, and other marketing collateral that align with brand identities and campaign goals.

Virtual Reality Experiences
I design and program immersive virtual reality experiences using Unity, tailored to deliver unique and memorable user interactions.

I provide scriptwriting services that transform technical information into clear and compelling narratives.

My process includes the development of prototypes to test and iterate on design concepts, enhancing usability and user experience.

If you’re looking for a disciplined and results-oriented digital arts professional to elevate your project, let’s connect and discuss how my expertise can serve your objectives.

Talk to me through WhatsApp or email!